Sołtys-Lelek A. & Gruszka W.
Wild roses and hawthorns of urban area: a case study of Piła in Poland. Biodiv. Res. Conserv. 43: 27-40.
Abstract: The paper presents a study on the distribution of wild roses and hawthorns in the town of Piła (NW Poland). The main purpose of the study was to provide a full list of wild Crataegus and Rosa taxa growing in the researched area. Field studies (2014-2015) and formerly published data made it possible to recognize 19 taxa, among them 14 native taxa (including two rose nothospecies), 4 anthropophytes and 1 hybrid. Eleven new taxa were found in the explored area during the studies. These were: Crataegus rhipidophylla, C. ×macrocarpa, C. ×subsphaericea, C. ×media ‘Rubra Plena’, Rosa majalis, R. villosa, R. rubiginosa, R. ×subcollina, R. glauca, R. rugosa, R. multiflora and interspecific hybrid Rosa canina × R. rubiginosa.
Key words: Rosa, Crataegus, critical taxa, nothospecies, hybrid, native species, anthropohyte, distribution
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