Iakushenko D.
Contributions to the thermophilous fringe communities (Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei) in Belarus. Biodiv. Res. Conserv. 45: 35-48.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of phytosociological studies on thermophilous forb fringes conducted in August, 2012, in Belarus. A dataset of 31 relevés is analyzed, 3 associations and 1 community of 3 alliances and 3 orders of the class Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei T. Müller 1962 are distinguished. For the first time for this area, the association Galio borealis-Geranietum sanguinei Tüxen 1967 is reported and characterized. The results of syntaxonomical interpretation are discussed based on chorological data.
Key words: forest fringes, edges, Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei, syntaxonomy, vegetation, Belarus
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